Hacks to become a morning person

With the sun beaming, we've recently started to enjoy these beautiful mornings more. But we all know being a 'morning person' is much easier being said, at least ourselves included. That's why we thought we'd share our helpful habits to help you become an early bird this Summer and enjoy these longer days ahead.


1. Don't look at your phone or laptop first thing, keep them out of reach and definitely not in your bed. This will force you to hope out of your sheets and to turn off your phone alarm, rather than being tempted to roll over again.

2. After you get moving, why not try to schedule a boring workout and encourage yourself to sweat it out. Exercising in the morning is a helpful way to increase your energy and improve productivity for the day ahead, leaving time to enjoy the lovely weather after work, rather than feeling guilty for distracting yourself with more fun activities.

3. A Poosh contributor, Erica Spiegelman, suggests, “Reward yourself. Give yourself a nice reward when you’ve achieved a small goal or milestone.” Once you’ve hit a week of waking up early and popping right out of bed, be sure to acknowledge the new healthy habit you’ve accomplished.

4. Stylist magazine also recommends tweaking your meal and snacking times. "In order to get your body adjusted to waking up early, it helps to train it into feeling hungry when you start your day. If you're craving and eating food as soon as you wake up, this will signify to your body that the day has begin."

5. A last and perhaps unpopular piece of advice is that it's also OK not to be a morning person. Whilst this might contradict our previous points, we believe it's okay to not feel the pressure of that moral halo around being a morning person.

Listening and learning from your body and it's needs are above all the most important thing, so if you need that rest, enjoy to help you achieve that maximum productivity. Perhaps you don't need to shift your sleep schedule to accomplish being a 'morning person' - you simply need to work with your circadian rhythm to help better manage your daily energy levels. Everyone and every body is different, so above all don't compare yourself to others.