Earth Day - Amrika & Sustainability - Our Promise

In honour of Earth Day this year, we want to share our Sustainable practices to highlight why every decision we make is geared towards minimising our impact on the planet.

Continue reading as we deep dive into the core of everything we do here at Amrika, and why we have such a strong respect for protecting our planet through the impact of our actions and those we work with.

Social Responsibility

We work with the very best, hand-picked designers from around the world who share an interest in supporting slow-fashion. Through limited runs and small collections, we’re able to work together to help reduce garment wastage. Selected designers also offer made to order services, which helps meet our customer needs and again contributes towards waste reduction. We endeavour to work with designers who focus on creating timeless pieces, which are well-made and long lasting to offset the concept of fast fashion.

Eco-friendly Production Processes

Alongside our interest in working with designers who support slow fashion, we’re also passionate about collaborating with creatives who celebrate ethically produced, hand-made collections. 

For example, we’ve recently introduced Oceanus Swimwear, who want to lead the industry and prove that luxurious design can be achieved without harming the planet. That’s why when it comes to their product, they use the fully sustainable materials which includes ECONYL® Lycrca, which is a fabric made from fishing nets regenerated from the ocean. The embroidery on their designs are also biodegradable, which means it is decomposable and thereby not polluting the environment. Oceanus also does not use any animal derived materials and strives to become zero waste.

Our Packaging

When ordering from Amrika, you can be reassured that unlike major fast fashion houses, our packaging is eco-friendly and made from quality materials which don’t hurt the planet.

Even our product tags are fully recyclable and we work with the best suppliers who support these efforts in their daily practices.

Supporting our Planet

Our decision to move online has also hugely contributed towards a reduction in transport emissions, which naturally arise from brick-and-mortar retail locations.

We’re also currently looking into ways in which we could partner with services such CarbonClick, which would enable our consumers to purchase carbon credits at checkout. These go directly to supporting gold standard verified carbon offset projects such as forest restoration, tree planting and renewable energy projects around the world. If this is something you’d be interested in supporting, please get in touch!

Charitable efforts

At Amrika, we are always interested in supporting like minded charitable organizations who are actively helping struggling communities and the environment. This year we will be researching Charities who we may seek to work with in the near future to help enhance our daily efforts and give back.

We truly hope that such efforts can help inspire and in turn transform consumer habits as we believe Earth Day should be continuously recognised and always in the back of everyone’s mind as a reminder to think and act sustainably. 

As always, should you be interested in sharing ways in which we can increase our sustainable efforts, please get in touch with us;