How to Style the Scandi Scarf

Still figuring out how to style that scandi scarf? Well, me too…we couldn't help but chuckle at the recent viral TikTok video, where someone describing the traditional South Asian Dupatta as the Scandinavian scarf. While the internet had a good laugh, it got us thinking about the beauty of blending cultures in fashion. 
As many of you may know, our collections marry timeless Western elegance with the rich heritage of South Asian designers, showcasing pieces that are both stylish and culturally traditional. With a curated edit of designs straight from India, Amrika is the ONLY brand to blend both cultures and create a collection that truly resonant with the modern South-Asian woman.

So, while the Dupatta might not be Scandinavian, Amrika fashion certainly knows how to bridge the best of both worlds. We’d love for you to feature Amrika in your next editorial, showcasing how we celebrate this beautiful cultural synergy.