All you need to know about the Salwar Kameez

The traditional salwar kameez clothing style hails from Southeast Asia and is commonly worn by women, but the term refers to a broad range of styles from various countries. In the traditional sense, it has not really been considered ‘fashionable’ but in this article we’d like to share ways for you to ramp up your salwar kameez and give it a modern flare.

The salwar kameez is a combination of items that make up the outfit and includes a pants (salwar), a long tunic or shirt (the kameez) as well as the optional scarf known as the dupatta. As it is with most outfits, wearing it is the easiest part but choosing the right colour or material could be a little challenging. The style of salwar kameez you’d wear would typically be determined by the occasion such as a wedding, an office event or family function.

3 Salwar Kameez styles

We previously spoke about styling a Kurta and today we wanted to share some inspiration about the Kurti which has evolved into what is known as the Salwar Kameez. Continue reading as we share 5 easy ways to glam up your essential, indo-western look.

1. Find a fabulous fabric

The salwar suit is available in an array of fabrics in terms of the type of material and colour.

Which is why deciding which one to wear can be both challenging and fun.

So, a rule of thumb would be to select a fabric or design based on your physique, to ensure you find the perfect fit that helps make you feel comfortable and chic at the same time!

2. Look out for the length

A key feature of the salwar suit is its length.
That said, you should consider your height when choosing the length of your salwar and the kameez.

Hint: Remember to think about what shoes, such as high heels that you may be wearing with your look and add these extra inches, just in case.

The kameez (shirt or tunic) should be your primary focus when deciding which length will suit your figure. Our secret to making the best decision to suit your figure regardless of your height or build, is to make sure that your kameez is above your knee – this will elongate your shape and legs. Once you’ve nailed the length of your kameez, the rest will easily fall into place.

3. Creating a chic yet comfortable, style and fit

The traditional look of the salwar suit will never be discarded because many designers marry the essence of the tradition along with modern touches to create a fashionable look for any occasion.

The salwar kameez suit is available in various shapes, cuts and collars that will elevate your style. This leaves you with plenty of styles to mix and match based on your personal style and fashion trends.

4. Be smart about accessories

Many salwar suits are designed with embellishments or they’re created from a patterned fabric. The choice of fabric and design will determine how you accessorise your outfit. For example, if your kameez has a collar, you won’t need to wear a necklace but if it has a v-neckline, a piece of jewellery around the neck would be perfect.

However, just because there is room around the neck with a v-neck, you don’t have to wear a necklace – in this case, a chunky earring would work well too.

Remember to accessorise based on your outfit because the amount of detail it displays should be balanced with the accessories you choose (one should not outshine the other).

5. Colour us crazy

Our number one rule - avoid too much colour coordination...

What we mean by this is that you should choose a salwar design that gives you room to play with (additional) colours. This will then inform the decision you make about the accessories you choose.


We’ll be back with some more fashion tips soon. In the meantime, remember to take your time when choosing a salwar kameez, this includes the type of fabric, accessories, shoes, dupatta and more. Happy shopping!