What is Indo-Western wear?

Over the past few years, the Indian fashion industry has been revolutionised by fusion wear.

In the simplest of terms, Indo-Western wear is a mix of traditional Indian & Western-style clothing. At Amrika, we believe that this fashion fusion perfectly blends a celebration of design elements from both these worlds and is why we enjoy finding the perfect pieces for our community.

For all we know, you might already be totally in love with indo-western wear and it’s unique balance of subtle yet vibrant patterns and colours. But incase not, don’t worry, we’ve got you as we deep dive into the history behind indo-westwen wear, together.

Indo-Western wear style by SVA

Where did it all begin?

The origins of Indo-Western fashion goes as far back as the ’60s and ’70s but it wasn’t until the 21st century that there was a clear trend of Indian women. They would incorporate western-style clothing into their corporate wardrobes and would favour these hybrid dresses over traditional saris.

Typical examples of Indo-Western clothing

Indo-Western fashion can be as simple as wearing jeans instead of a Salwar.

It's often found in newer designs such as adapting the sleeve length of the traditional salwar or replacing it altogether with spaghetti straps. The kurta suit, another traditional Indian garment that has been influenced by Western-style clothing, has a shorter hem to resemble Western blouses.

Indo-western style example outfits

Over recent months, we’ve also noticed trends seem to be moving away from the usual mix of deep and bright colours and patterns of saris and kurtas, opting for simple patterns and soft pastel colours to create a more refined and modern look instead.

The future of Indo-Western wear

Fusion wear is a fast-growing style, especially for the more conservative Indian women who would like to keep up with the latest trends without too much Western-influence.

At Amrika, we have collaborated with some of the world leading Indo-Western designers to create a luxurious Indo-Western collection that appeals to customers who are looking for that classic Indian look with a modern twist.

With endless style possibilities and well-known celebrities like Dame Judy Dench, Shilpa Shetty and Aditi Rao Hydari frequently spotted wearing this fusion wear, it's clear that Indo Western fashion is here to stay!