4 tips on how to style your kurta

Regardless of where you find yourself in the world, you’re bound to see kurtas (kurti, for women) adapted and adopted by various fashionistas and cultures. The name, of Persian origin, literally means tunic and can be seen worn by men and women alike. It is popularly associated with Indian and Pakistani traditional wear but its history dates back centuries and stems from the stitches of Central Asia and is most commonly worn and influenced by the people of Southern Asia.

Today, with fashion trends constantly changing, more and more people across the globe are adopting the traditional kurta and have adapted this traditional garment into an everyday, modern look, suitable for all occasions.

The kurta itself is traditionally defined as a collarless shirt but is more often than not designed with a short stiff collar (including the traditional Chinese collar) to add a modern flare. The weight that the kurta fabric represents also often determines when you’d wear it. Yes, the “weight” (not in volume, but its density) is a deciding factor, for example, lighter fabrics such as cotton make for the perfect office attire because it won’t restrict movement or make you feel uncomfortable while working for eight hours. Whereas the heavier material, also certain cotton fabrics as well as silk, are better for celebratory events or formal functions.

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Noticeably, the kurta is worn more often by men, but women wear them as well. However, given that it resembles a tunic (typically associated with women’s fashion), it is a look that is certain to turn heads whenever men or women wear it – especially when men take the traditional wear to the runway and vice versa.

How to make a statement in a kurta

The humble kurta is often the go-to item when looking for something fashionable, iconic and simple to wear for any occasion.

Everyone needs a helping hand now and again when choosing the correct kurta to suit their individual style, skin tone, physique or the occasion

To help you turn heads at your next event, we’ve curated a few ways in which you can style this unique look:

1. Colour with conviction

Kurta’s are suited for all seasons because of the array of fabrics and styles available.

Choosing the correct colour should be based on what you like or feel comfortable wearing as well as something that will compliment your complexion. However, finding the right colour shouldn’t be too complicated because there are so many designs and patterns to choose from within our collection!

Whether you are looking for dark or bold colours such as blue, red, burgundy or black often pop with some embellishments, distinct buttoned details or embroidery on it, we have you sorted. Just like if you are more interested in lighter colours such as beige, pastels and white pair well with subtle finishes such as one bold detail like signature buttons or embroidery that contrasts and elevates the colour.

Remember, don’t be afraid to wear bright or bold colours – this works for any true fashionista and sometimes is the brightness you need to help light up any room.

2. Find a fantastic fit

The secret to finding the perfect fit is to make sure that you’ve got the correct length and cut to match your height and shape.

For example, a kurta that is too long could make you look short and a kurta that has a high/low cut could throw your shape out of proportion and make you look heavy in the back. That’s why we are proud to offer bespoke custom requests on certain orders, so if you find the perfect kurta set and interested in alterations, simply send us the piece you love and email us at info@amrika.co.uk with your specifics so we can do our best to help!

Hint: In general we suggest choosing a straight cut and making a decision about a length based on your height. So, if you’re tall, a knee length garment will suit you and if you’re of average height, a cut just above the knee will work well.

3. Discovering a dramatic drape

Did you know that draping a stole or scarf can add a wonderful dimension to your kurta pairing – if you execute it correctly?

When it comes to wearing the kurta and draping, men would usually either drape it over one shoulder or follow the scarf-like U-shape drape around the neck.

Hint: Follow the pattern, if your kurta is detailed with embellishments and intricate patterns, drape according to the U-shape tradition to show off the design and if there are fewer details on your kurta, dare to let your drapery dangle down from one shoulder (or both).

4. Accessorise like you mean it

Hair: A turban is a fashionable fav which is non-complicated style, easily achieved

Shoes: While most kurtas pair well with loafers, you can basically wear any shoe type that will suit the kurta. From our experience, we find that If you’re wearing the more formal Pathani then a closed formal shoe would work best. But, when wearing lighter fabric for casual occasions, a sneaker or loafer would do the trick.

Bag: Be snazzy, trendy and flamboyant with a tiny sling clutch to complete your indo-western kurta look.

Weaving through the kurta

When it comes to a combination of comfort and style, the kurta is a classic essential to beat.

Over the years, the kurta has seen the world of fashion and various cultures have already started to merge this look to bring something stylish and elegant to casual wear and runway shows. We can’t wait to see how you make our kurta sets your own, so be sure to tag us @amrikalondon for the chance to be featured on our profile!