Your Indo Western style guide for an Indian wedding

So you have just received an invitation to an Indian wedding. Your excitement levels are through the roof and you can’t wait for what you know will be the best wedding ever. After all, Indian weddings can’t be topped right? But here comes the conundrum, what are you going to wear?

Your outfit selection depends on the function and its dress code. First you will want to check if the bride and groom have a style in mind or a set of colours they will want you to wear or not wear! So sticking closely to this is essential, after all they have been planning this for months maybe even years. Plus if the colour scheme is powder blue for example and that just happens to be the one shade of blue you don’t have in your closet, then it’s the ideal excuse to go shopping.

Indian weddings have undeniably moved on from what used to arguably be a contest of the blingiest outfits and the most amount of jewels. Weddings have become a lot more refined, stylish yet decadent still. We are seeing more of an Indo Western twist to outfit selections, allowing for an even wider range of styles and colours.

With the trend moving we wanted to create an Indo Western style guide to help you decide what to wear to an Indian Wedding.

3 people wearing indo western outfits to a wedding

Colours for an Indian wedding occasion

Indian weddings were once a brightly coloured spectrum which today has taken a softer route to pastel shades and even white and ivory’s which had always culturally been associated with death, funerals and solemn occasions. With the modern bride now even opting for blush pinks, peaches, ivory’s and blues over the traditional (and still beautiful may we add) red, the ‘rule book’ is officially out of the window!

We recommend finding a contemporary pastel shade such as a nude tone, mint green, or timeless ivory to keep you looking chic and refined on the wedding day itself, and go for a more colourful tone for a mehendi night, or sangeet night for example Lehengas and saris with two or more colours are a great idea here.

Remember not to overlook what shades will be most complimentary to your skin tone also. For a warm undertone go with warm colours and cool colors for cool-toned complexions. For example, for green, an olive colour would work for a warm Indian skin tone and make it glow, whilst turquoise would suit women with a cool skin undertone.

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What to wear to an Indian wedding

What should women wear?

As we mentioned previously, the style of an Indian wedding is changing. Any indo western outfits are acceptable now and some even have a wedding twist to them already so you won’t feel out of place.

The sari is always a good choice. It’s traditional and with that indo western twist added to it ,makes it the perfect go to wedding outfit. Now available in an array of easy wearing options, the sari no longer needs your mum, your auntie, your neighbour and about 3 hours to tie it! Try a contemporary trouser-sari, the perfect Indo western hybrid of sharp tailoring of trousers overlaid with the modernised sari silhouette. A skirt-sari is a chic and perfect way to show off your figure, as well as the pre-pleated sari style, all of these eliminating the fuss of tying and pleating, but still giving you great amped up style!

Our second choice of go-to Indo-western wedding outfits is the lehenga is a classic silhouette which you can’t really go wrong with! Wear it printed, or embroidered. Pair it with a long jacket fitted at the waist, a cropped choli style top, bustier or even your favourite shirt tucked in. Wear it with a light dupatta or without - remember there are no rules so make these silhouettes your own unique style!

Palazzos are also a great way to stay fabulous and stylish while maximising comfort levels meaning you can just dance that much longer!

Anarkali is also a top pick for our what to wear to an Indian wedding guide. We absolutely love it and it works well at weddings. With its long, frock-style top and slim fitted bottoms, it creates a flattering flowing silhouette which any shape and age can wear.

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Accessories for women's wear

Your outfit is all sorted but there is something missing . . . of course, accessories. To complete your look think about the perfect shoes, often something high heel to compliment the maxi hemlines. Also the perfect party bag or clutch, whether it's a contrast shade for a ‘pop’ effect or something tonal to match your ensemble. Jewelery can be so much fun, go traditional to contrast a super modern outfit or keep it refined and delicate in an Indo Western style. 

Finally don't forget your hair and make up! You don’t want to go too bold to take away from your already amazing outfit, however you want to avoid being washed out so finding that balance will really complete your look and ensure you are the most stylish guest! 

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What should men wear to an Indian wedding?

For men it can be tricking on what they should wear. Do you go with the traditional trouser and formal shirt combination or something a bit more exciting? Well seeing as weddings are an occasion where you can show off your style, whatever you wear needs to be extra special. A plain shirt and trousers combination will not do the trick. You won’t be getting many dances with that outfit.

Two men wearing indo western clothes on a walkway

So what are you waiting for? You now know how to dress for an Indian wedding so start getting ready. Shop for everything you need in our Women's Collection.