MadSam TinZin

Silk forest green hand-embroidered jumpsuit


Be bold in this MadSam TinZin's stunning silk forest green, hand-embroidered jumpsuit. This hot pink side tie-up detailing makes an ultra-modern look, especially when worn with drop earrings and strapless heels, perfect for that statement edge.

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Details & Care

Take care of your Amrika garment so it can take care of you.

Looking after your items is the best way to make a lasting impression, that lasts forever.

  • The gentlest way to wash items is by dry clean only.
  • Please note that certain colours may bleed.
  • Some embroiderers may tarnish over time.
  • Hang our items where possible and contain them in a cloth bag to avoid discoloration and damage to embroidered items.

For any questions about product care please get in touch with us at


Please get in touch for custom order requests;

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