Q&A with VAAI London

At Amrika we are dedicated to responsibly sourcing the best designers from every corner of the Earth as we go the extra mile when curating the most unique and talented creations for our customers. 

Recently, we’ve discovered VAAI, a beautifully crafted womenswear based in London. VAAI’s Creative Director: Hetal founded the eponymous label in 2017. Hetal, whilst out clothes shopping had observed a clear lack of personal touch, styling guidance and information on how to care for garments. She set up VAAI with the view to not only giving her customer a beautifully crafted garment that would last but also arming them with the style and care knowledge on how to maximise its wear.

Continue reading to enjoy our exclusive interview with this wonderful designer...

Q.1 How would you best describe the brand & your creative vision as a designer?

Our mission at VAAI is to balance contemporary fashion & design whilst maintaining respect for centuries old artisanal craftsmanship. 

Aside from our ready to wear collections, we provide a bespoke and made to measure service. We believe in old-school practices in the sense of creating a personal individualised and immersive service for our clients.

Our mission is to promote sustainable practices through our garments. Each piece we design can be styled in at least three different ways. We believe in arming our customers with styling knowledge. This promotes slow fashion as opposed to fast throw away fashion and is better for our environment. 



 Q2. Tell us about your sustainable brand mission?

 VAAI's mission toward sustainability has three main arms. 

Transparency – We want to educate our customers. For each garment displayed on our website we provide as much information as we can. This includes where manufacturing took place, where the textiles are sourced, the fabric composition, the care guide and styling notes. If we can provide meaningful and accessible information, then this allows our consumers to make conscientious informed decisions on the product they are purchasing and wearing. 

Conscientious use of fabrics and minimising overproduction - By this we mean using fabrics that are friendly to the planet. Over 90% of our garments are crafted using natural fabrics made from raw fibres including silk and cotton that are biodegradable. We don’t overproduce, many of our styles are made in limited runs or pre-order. This promotes our sustainability movement.

Engaging with our customers - At VAAI, it’s our clients that inspire us. We listen and provide for their needs. By spending time in boutique retail spaces, we can directly interact with our consumers. Our goal is to make our customers feel great about themselves by creating what they want through conscientious shopping. This direct-to-consumer relationship is key as it builds trust in our brand and creates awareness of our sustainable/socially responsible ethos.

All the above promote a framework where our customers are less likely to over consume on garments they don’t need and don’t fit them well which in turn means they are more likely to look after their garments and wear on repeat.


Q.3 For those unfamiliar with the term ' limited runs ' can you please explain how this practice works and how it supports sustainability?  

Producing in limited runs means making garments in small quantities, in other words just the number of units we need to sell during the season. If we run out of a style, we work closely with our production units so that we can make up more if needed. This avoids mass production and lots of leftover garments, thus the need to put items on sale and reduces the associated mass consumption through forced sales.


Q.4 Tell us about your values as a brand and your commitment to timeless pieces for the modern women? 

Our ethos is to endow quiet confidence in the women that wear our garments. If she feels great and is comfortable in what she’s wearing, she’s going to achieve whatever her mission may be. It’s all about female empowerment through style!

At the core of our brand is promoting sustainability and slow fashion. We believe in designing and making garments in a way that is friendly to our planet and its people. Our creations are timeless to ensure that our clients will be proud to wear and keep as part of their capsule wardrobe for years to come.


Q.5 What are 3 words that best describe your brand?

Timeless, socially responsible, thoughtfully crafted.


Q.6 What excites you the most about your collection with Amrika?

The versatility of the pieces. These are not just pieces to be worn to a wedding. They can be styled in so many ways. Dressed up or down to be worn to a luncheon, garden party, wedding celebrations or by the beach.