Earth Day 2021: How the fashion industry is doing its part to be sustainable

The 22nd of April is Earth Day, a day with a powerful message that started over 50 years ago. That message is still the same today and primarily is a day where everyone comes together around the world, to celebrate the earth and its beauty, brands and labels have also used this day as an opportunity to promote and share their sustainability efforts.

At Amrika, such values are something we hold highly, which is why we wanted to take this moment to think about what we are all doing to try and preserve this beauty and health for future generations.

By helping reduce pollution, using sustainable materials, recycling and moving away from fast-fashion production methods, the fashion industry which once was labelled one of our biggest polluters has slowly but surely been making eco-conscious efforts to help reverse this image.

With this in mind, continue reading as we unveil how brands and consumers are coming together to help prioritise the planet.

Consumer mentality has changed

Lots of fashion consumers will hopefully support Earth Day and the world’s wellbeing in general. According to the Guardian, in 2019, the UK reached record levels of public concern for the environment. Whether this was because of people like Greta Thunberg taking a stand and pleading with the world to do something before it’s too late or simple David Attenborough documentaries finally getting through to people, it’s clear that the world has listened, and fashion consumers will want to do their part.

By supporting brands and businesses that have an eco-friendly mindset, many will help contribute towards this awareness, which needs more support now than ever. The brands know this as well, which is why many luxury companies are already doing their part to continue making adjustments to their business models, clothing and production to cater to these people and positively affect the world.

From our SVA interview they mentioned they were already looking at how to reduce wastage and become more sustainable.

“We are constantly looking at how we can help reduce wastage, become more sustainable in our strategies and reuse raw materials which is all something we are all looking towards for our new collections whilst not compromising on quality or authenticity throughout this design process.”

Picking the right materials

Using a mixture of sustainable and recyclable materials when producing any sort of clothing is definitely the future of fashion.

Lots of brands have latched onto this technique and tried to help the environment. Patagonia for example, who mostly produce outdoor clothing, contribute by making their products out of recycled wool and polyester.

Another example of this is Girlfriend Collective. They produce their sportswear with recycled polyester manufactured from plastic bottles found in Taiwan. Lot’s of companies are buying into this sort of model, to help the environment and cater for consumer demand.

Eco-friendly packaging

One way that we personally contribute towards this movement is with our packaging. Our packaging is entirely made up of eco-friendly, recyclable materials. This means that when you receive your Amrika, indo-western fashion must-have look, you can do your part by recycling this packaging.

Practising sustainability

From minising stores, moving online and reducing transport emissions, the fashion industry is attempting to change the world for the better.

Working and selling through websites online, like we have done, helps also potentially limit transport emissions and costs while certainly reducing the electricity that is used to keep the business running. If everyone in the fashion industry does this to a certain extent, then less fuel needs to be used to produce this power and we can help preserve our precious environment.

Ultimately, Amrika stands together with Burberry, Zalando, Ralph Lauren, Micheal Kors to name just a few luxury leaders who are helping support world earth day, from environmentally-friendly collections to pledging to improve on sustainability.

We truly hope that such efforts can help inspire and in turn transform consumer habits as we believe Earth Day should be continuously recognised and always in the back of everyone’s mind as a reminder to think and act sustainably.