Instagram Live Q&A with SVA

Our founder Jackie recently hosted Amrika’s first ever Instagram live with Sonam and Paras the design duo of SVA Couture. They speak about SVA’s latest luxury collection of Womenswear, their thoughts on fashion going digital, sustainability and balancing lockdown life with work and creativity.

Together, Sonam & Paras have been meticulously crafting eqsuite couture creations for the past 7 years and in such a brief time have really made their own unique brand imprint on an international scale, thanks to their dexterous workmanship and intricate details.

The SVA design collection elevates indo-western wear and has a brand philosophy that really resonates with the core ethos of protecting and preserving our rich national legacy of textiles and crafts.

Continue reading to find out just a few highlights we have recapped from this amazing interview, and watch what happened in our newest IGTV to find out all you need to know about their brand vision and upcoming summer collection for 2021….

Jackie: How have you been able to balance work and personal life during lockdown?

SVA: We managed to figure out a way that worked naturally for us whilst working at home and educating our buys with online school, it was a challenge but we really believe that good things always come when you think positively, so that’s what we tried to do over these past few months.

It was also a great time to start something new for us and it gave us more time to help think more creatively, come up with new strategies and go online with our new website, since ecommerce was so important during lockdown, we really needed to optimise this new approach for our customers and modern way of thinking so we can embrace life even better post-pandemic.

Jackie: What were your thoughts on digital fashion week and the changes this will bring to the fashion landscape going forward?

SVA: Digital or Phygital as it is coined, is beautiful and such a unique way for storytelling, but it doesn’t have the touch and feel which a real fashion show offers in terms of a vibe which is something we really identify with as a brand, so for us physical platforms are definitely the best way to showcase our creative visions.

Digital shows however do really offer a great new reach, especially for those that can’t attend the real event, so we definitely think that a balance between both maybe the way forward for how the future plays, it can’t be just one thing anymore.

Jackie: Did the challenges and constraints of the pandemic inspire you to change your manufacturing process? Although you have always centred the brand and production of your pieces around sustainability, is it something you’ve had to work harder to achieve recently?

SVA: Slow fashion is what needs to be the future for sure and sustainability is 100% the way forward. Everything we do is in-house and on a smaller scale for the time being due to the pandemic, so this has been a challenge, but it’s definitely better now than back in September.

We are constantly looking at how we can help reduce wastage, become more sustainable in our strategies and reuse raw materials which is all something we are all looking towards for our new collections whilst not compromising on quality or authenticity throughout this design process.

Jackie: For me your brand epitomises Indo-Western wear how you strike that balance between the contemporary with the traditional. I feel the way you create the looks within the collection to be interchangeable and looks to be worn as a whole or as separates, place the emphasis on self-styling. Are separates something that you would design more of, moving forwards?

SVA: Yes definitely, even more than before for sure, as people want to buy less and also consume what they can use in different ways in order to create real repeat value for fashion and less wastage. We feel slow fashion is needed for the art and is the only way forward, enabling customers to reuse their wardrobe definitely encourages that.

Breaking down outfits is a wonderful way for people to enjoy timeless pieces, whilst mixing together their own style and silhouettes, that don’t date. Equally this ties in with our sustainable brand values and means you get the most out of one outfit. For example wear our cowl helm skirt as the whole look with the crop top and jacket, or wear the skirt with a white shirt tucked in, or even the jacket over casual jeans for example.

Jackie: What can we expect from SVA in the summer?

SVA: We are doing a lot of fun, bright prints going ahead, with lovely drapes, comfortable clothes and summer wear, launching in July 2021.

Fashion is the best way to express happiness and cheerfulness, so with the pandemic ending that’s something we really want to get across with our new collection as it’s something that we needed for ourselves and we think everyone is starting to think more positively as well moving forwards.

Despite these uncertain times we really want to channel uplifting energy throughout our collections and help list their mood!

Jackie: What was the inspiration behind your latest collection Souk Noir?

SVA: Our collections are always travel inspired actually, since that’s something we love and this edit in particular gives you a very middle easten vibe, which is like the night bazaars of Arabian souks, taking inspiration from the carpets, the lights and really elevate these prints, which are very bright colours and of course our signature midnight blue.

Jackie: Your collections of late have been moving more towards the lighter pieces as we see less of the ‘heavier’ embroidered bridal range pieces, is this something you have made a conscience move towards?

SVA: We genuinely enjoy working with brides and having the opportunity to help tell their story on their special day. But yes you’re right, we really love working with lighter pieces that are perhaps more fun and wearable, what one may wear to a sangeet or mehndi function. These pieces are far more aligned with our brand aesthetic overall and the direction we’re moving more towards going forward.

Watch our IGTV here for the full interview and thank you again to the wonderful Sonam & Paras who helped us launch this exciting series, we can’t wait to bring you our next designer sneak peak!