Why we support 'Made to Order'

Amrika London proudly supports a Made To Order model, strengthening slow fashion, while bringing you timeless, luxury, well made and ethically produced pieces in standard sizes. We stay away from mass production, giving you pieces just as unique as you. Why would you want to look like the masses when you can look like the fabulous you?!

We work on limited runs. An order for production is only sent to the designer once it is received from you. This limits mass inventory waste for the designer, and as we work with numerous independent designers, it is our job to showcase their talents while safeguarding their cash flow and manufacturing process. 

It creates thought through purchases, limiting unwanted and waste pieces. And most of all, it offers you the reassurance that your order is being worked on individually, often with hand made elements, therefore ensuring the highest level of quality and attention to detail. Trust us, it’s worth the wait!
South Asian design has historically centred on Made to Order as a standard, therefore expanding this model to all of our designers is a natural progression for us. 

At Amrika London we also offer a bespoke Custom ordering service, allowing you to order collection pieces in your specific size and requirements using our size guides to assist you in providing your measurements. This is a great option for a tailored piece at the same cost of the standard size (*certain customisations may be subject to extra charge) enabling you to wear the pieces you love, without compromising on style or comfort.

We offer a prestigious end to end customer service, making your journey of shopping with us individual and effortless. Whether it is Custom Orders, learning more about designer specifics or anything else, we are on hand to support you with any queries.

Join us on our journey and discover the most premium designers from around the globe!