The ultimate guide to finding your Kurta Pajama style

Want to know more about the kurta pajama? Need to buy a new outfit for a big celebration, but not sure what to wear? Trying to find your unique kurta pajama style? You’ve come to the right place! Welcome to the vibrant and versatile world of the kurta pajama!

What is a Kurta Pajama?

The kurta pajama is traditional Indian attire, often worn for weddings and festivals. The kurta is a loose-fitting tunic, usually with long sleeves and a buttoned placket. A kurta is usually knee length, the shorter style being known as a ‘kurti’. Pajamas refer to the bottoms or trousers. Kurta pajamas can be worn by both men and women. The style is common to many areas of South Asia, although it is believed to have originated in India. There are many regional variations. A woman’s dress in the style of a traditional men’s kurta, is popular in the West too.

As well as their versatility and functionality, kurtas make great smart and comfortable formal wear as well as a very practical alternative for Indian casual wear.

Kurta pajamas

Why is the Kurta Pajama so popular?

Two words sum up the success of the kurta pajama: comfort and style! With just a tiny amount of effort, even the least fashion-conscious man can look stunning. It is almost impossible to go wrong, which is why, when traditional wear is required, the kurta pajama is chosen first over any other style of outfit.

The loose nature of the kurta and the option of a more ‘forgiving’ drape, bring both comfort and a degree of ‘accommodation’ when there has been a lot of celebrating! You can mix and match too. A pair of plain white cotton pajamas can be worn underneath any number of more flamboyant kurtas.

With comfort, style, and flexibility (OK, that’s three reasons) it’s no wonder the kurta pajama style has endured for so long and is still so popular today.

Finding your Kurta Pajama style!

For the classic kurta style, you can’t go wrong with white. Available in a range of fabrics, from simple cotton to elegant silk, a white kurta pajama outfit should be in everyone’s collection. Very easy to accessorise (see some ideas below) and handy for a variety of occasions.

If plain white is not your style, how about introducing some detailing, such as subtle stripes or contrasting colours and patterns on the collar or placket? A sleeveless floral bundi jacket lifts the classic white Kurta and is ideal for weddings and celebrations.


Cotton, one of the most popular fabric used in Indian fashion, is one of the most breathable fabrics and is ideal for warmer weather. Knitted cotton allows air to circulate and can absorb moisture. Durable and easy to clean, cotton is a great option. For more formal occasions, there is no doubt that a silk kurta provides style and convenience. Silk is easy to colour and pattern. Nothing makes a statement quite like a brightly coloured kurta pajama!


We have already mentioned a floral bundi jacket, but it’s not the only option. How about a nehru jacket in a contrasting colour scheme? Adding a western style blazer jacket can look great too. Printed waistcoats also add style. Make sure the colour schemes and patterns are sympathetic to each other, there is nothing worse than a clashing outfit to make you noticed for all the wrong reasons!


Your legs don’t just have to wear the classic pajamas. Haram pants make a great alternative, though we think you should be careful not to go too baggy! Afghani pants can be worn for an ethnic look. For a more Indo-western outfit, how about some straight-fit trousers or denims?


A contrasting turban can add brightness and swagger to a more sedate and sober outfit. Again, make sure the style and colours add to your kurta pajama ensemble. The turban should highlight your outfit, not drown it.


Don’t forget your feet! A classic pair of leather loafers will provide you with years of service and style. A pair of brown juttis give a nice traditional touch to any outfit. Kolhapuri Chappals are comfortable to wear and make an ideal daytime choice. Think of good colours too. White juttis can complete a classical look, pastel shade can add a dash of style. Bold colours add contrast.


Finally, don’t forget those little things that can make all the difference. A matching watch strap, the right pair of sunglasses, a colourful pocket square. Have a look at your scarf collection, there may be something hiding in there!

Your style!

The Kurta Pajama is a wonderfully flexible outfit. So comfortable and so many options to add your style. Start off with the basics and then add a little at a time, until you find something that says ‘yes!’